Dec 05

What is Canvas?

USF is switching from Blackboard to Canvas as its Learning Management System.  So the real question is “What does that mean for you as a student?”.

  • Obviously, you will need to learn Canvas.  Just login, play around, and use this website!  See this article HERE for help logging in
  • Until the transition is over on 12/31/2013, some of your courses will be in Blackboard and others will be in Canvas.  Click HERE  to learn the difference!

If you have any questions at all that aren’t covered by this website, please email with any questions.  They will be answered within 24 hours.  If we get enough questions about the same thing, it will be posted under FAQ’s

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Dec 19

How do I use the assignment feed?

The assignment feed is a pretty useful feature in Canvas.  It summarizes all of the assignments from all of your courses into one easy to read interface, such as the one below.

The area outlined in red is a summary of all assignments that are due, and have specific due dates.

The are outlined in green allows you to select a specific class to view assignments for.  Once you select a specific class, the screen will look like the one below.

From this screen, you can select each assignment and complete it as needed!



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Dec 18

How do I add the Canvas calendar to my Google calendar?

Its actually a pretty easy process.  The first step is to select the ‘Calendar feed’ option (Shown below) and then copy the link that comes up (also below)

After copying this link, go ahead and login at .  Go ahead and select ‘Calendar’ from the top of your screen after logging in.  It should look like the picture below.

After selecting the calendar option, your screen should have a big calendar on it.  Go ahead and look to the bottom left-hand part of the screen – there will be an option called ‘Other calendars’.  Go ahead and click on it (if you found the correct place, it will look like the picture below)

Just go ahead and select ‘Add by URL’, outlined in red above, and then the screen below will show.

Just pate the url into the box called URL, and select ‘Add calendar’.

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Dec 18

Advanced calendar features

The calendar has a number of features, other than just displaying your assignments

For example, you can export your calendar to any other calendar program you use, such as Google Calendar.  Just go ahead and click on the Calendar Feed item, such as the one below.

Once you do, a screen like the one below will pop-up with a link for you to paste into your favorite calendar program such as the Google Apps calendar that is associated with your student account!  For more on exporting into your calendar program, click HERE

You can also add your own appointments to the calendar (such as extra class times or group meeting times).  Just click on the day that you want to modify, and a screen will pop-up just like below.

This is a pretty convenient feature.  You can also modify any of the fields like Name, Time, and even the calendar that you want to list it on!



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Dec 18

How do I use the calendar?

The calendar is a fantastic addition to the Canvas program.  This calendar takes all assignment due dates from your courses and summarize them into one location, such as below.

The part outlined in red is a summary of all the courses that you have that can be displayed on the calendar.  You can choose which ones display by simply clicking on the course and it will disappear/appear

The portion outlined in black is obviously the calendar – this will display all the assignments due for your courses, and it always up to date because it automatically pulls this info from your courses!

And last, the portion outlined in green allows you to navigate and change which month you see, so you can plan ahead!

See this article HERE for advanced calendar features!

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Dec 15

What is actually different?

It would easier to answer “What isn’t different”.  Instead of describing every single difference, we have listed our top 5 favorite features.  Be sure to check out each how-to article by our favorite features.

  1. The calendar.  This is absolutely fantastic.  The calendar combines all due dates from all courses into one neat calendar (shown below) for your convenience.  Be sure to read more HERE about the calendar
  2. The assignment feed.  This takes all assignments from all courses and places them into one easy to read location.  See this article HERE for more information about the assignment area.
  3. Communication channels.  You can control how and when Canvas contacts you regarding assignments, grades, content changes etc.  Texts, facebook messages, and email, among many others.  See this article HERE for more info.
  4. Big blue button.  This is collaboration software built into Canvas that allows groups of students to collaborate online when they choose!  See this article HERE for more info.
  5. Mobility.  Canvas delivers the content to you – no matter whether you are using a phone to check your grades, an iPad to do a quiz, or a laptop to collaborate.  See this article HERE for more info regarding the mobility of Canvas.

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